The bay

When you come and spend a few days at «Les Cabanes » you drop your bags off at Grand Laviers which is the gateway to the Bay of the Somme.

“Les Cabanes” are situated in one of the most beautiful bays in the world where you can enjoy the sandy stretches of beach along the Picardy coast.

« Le Marquenterre »

world famous  bird sanctuary

Le Crotoy

with its south facing sandy beaches

Saint Valery sur Somme

sea port and medieval town centre

Situated at an hour from Rouen and 2 hours from Lille and Paris. It means you don’t have a long journey to make to get to us and to find yourself in the heart of the countryside.

Our coast is so different in that it creates harmony between  the sea scape and the natural surroundings of the countryside.

At «Les Cabanes » it has been our goal to provide a construction that was as close as possible to nature : no concrete, no earthmoving, a building just fitted onto a base that sits just  above the field.

Natural setting. Our lodges  are timber constructions,” Made in Compiègne” a town situated about 100 km from us, and made by a workers’ cooperative.  For the rest we did it ourselves using our own labour: planting out

the garden, laying the patios, fixing the ship lap boarding, the interior decoration and fittings.

« La Prairie” is an old farm that we bought a few years ago and that we have left in its original condition with its wild grassland, wetlands and wildlife

If you let your mind wander you will be able to contemplate wild birds that come to the bird sanctuary at Grand Laviers.  You can see wild ducks and rabbits feeding in the fields