Who we are

As often, a project is the story of a meeting...

Nicolas was born in  the village 40 years ago; he’s in his home surroundings.

" I grew up in Grand Laviers and went to school in the village school, got up to all the mischief of a normal youngster. After spending some years in Paris, and Le Touquet, I came back to my home territory in order to connect with my roots. I take part in village life and want to be able to share with you the joys of living here. "

When you get to 40 you often want a change and to fulfil your dreams… And when Nicolas discovered he had a DIY streak in him he started building « Les Cabanes » !

François.  Came down from the northern borders of France to the Bay of the Somme 10 years ago.  He discovered the beauties of the region and was surprised every day to discover new things.

" I know the region well as I’ve had 20 years to explore the area in all its hidden corners. But when I really started to put down roots I had the impression that every weekend was a holiday "

The pleasure you get in receiving guests and meeting people, provokes your curiosity. To be concerned about your fellow men.  It’s  the heart  of a boy from the north in the natural surroundings of the Picard countryside!

Et Ensemble, nous avons eu l’idée folle d’allier nos complémentarités pour construire. Nicolas, c’est le concept, la constructio

was to carry out the project management, and deal with the paperwork.

We both appreciate work well done.  The care that you have to bring to each detail of the project.   Neither of us appreciates breaking anything, losing or damaging items: we both have the same respect for Nature.

n, la décoration. François, le technique, la logistique et la paperasse.

Ensemble, nous avons le même amour du travail bien fait, du soin apporter à chaque détail. L’un comme l’autre, on n’aime pas casser, perdre ou abimer : le même respect pour la nature.

Small snug nests that you can curl up in, is what we’ve been putting in place for the past 5 years. When we say to you “We’re pleased to see you” it’s because genuinely  we mean it.  We’re delighted to share our pleasure and joy with you!

Come to «Les Cabanes» as soon as you can!